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The Purpose

Posted: September 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

What is my purpose?

This question started to scare me after a mental breakdown and crisis the past couple weeks. 

The brain has been mush. I had thought I couldn’t speak normally again. I haven’t had enough practice either, you know, socializing, speech, all of this.

I feel i’ve rotten to the core.

Looking at the old blog post I wrote 6 years ago on this website, I realized my dreams have been torn apart, and shifted like sand along the winds of tomorrow. I’ve yet to uncover all the sand again of what those dreams were.

I wanted to make something, lead something, and value something?

I don’t like being worth nothing and I don’t like faking that I’m worth something either.



it will be about…


My solo shit


idfk. lmao